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For Sales and Customer Support

Make yourself available to your customers, with little to no effort needed on their part. Allow your customers to place orders and ask questions directly through messengers in real-time, personally and privately.

Generate more sales

Manage all conversations in one place and never miss customer messages. Automated responses and saved replies will help you to increase the number of orders and boost your average order value.

Reduce support cost

Create a chatbot and allow your customer to access your FAQ and useful services via their favorite messaging apps.

Stay in Touch

Reach out to your customers, wherever they are. Segment customer based on custom parameters such as messaging channel or date of the last contact. Send relevant content and personal offers to the specific segment or all of your customers at once.

Manual or Automatic Sending

Setting up broadcasts is a breeze with our visual builder. Create rich messages with images, files, and deep-links. Automate the process with recurring campaigns, scheduling, and much more.



Chat with Website Visitors

Keep the conversations going even if visitors leave your website. The WhatsHelp widget takes the website visitor directly to the messaging app and allows them to initiate a conversation with you.

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How It Works

WhatsHelp enables businesses to build close relationships with customers via popular mobile messaging apps by providing powerful communication and automation tools. Chatting, broadcasting and bots are all in one place!

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Amazing features

Everything you need to acquire and retain customers via Messenger.

Website Widget

Grab visitors' attention and chat in real-time with website visitors using Messenger.

Saved Replies

Respond to common questions with canned, yet personalized replies.

Customer Profiles

See a customer's Facebook profile, conversation history, and more.


Send news, content updates, valuable notifications or anything else, that your users subscribed to.


Create groups of teammates and assign chats to the team best equipped to respond.

Assignment Rules*

Create rules to automatically assign conversations to the right team or teammate.


Create a bot in 1 minute without coding for obtaining orders or filling out forms.

Auto Messages

Trigger messages based on time and rules. Retain your customers by sending offers.

APIs & Integrations

Connect WhatsHelp with other products that your business uses.

* coming soon


You start for free and pay-as-you-go with honest pricing that scales as you grow.

$29/month - up to 1 000 MAC
$99/month - up to 3 000 MAC
$299/month - up to 10 000 MAC
$899/month - up to 30 000 MAC

MAC = amount of customers with whom you've had a conversation per month.
Messages and agents are without any limits. The widget is free forever.

Trusted by 5 000+ businesses in over 70 countries

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Better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team.

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